Surprising Best As PlayStation VR Releases New Game Versions

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Surprising favorite after PlayStation VR gains its users’ hearts with old-school shooter.

Surprising favorite after PlayStation VR comes with new game versions and gains its users’ hearts with old-school shooters.

Virtual Reality (VR) is starting to gain more and more attention after developers have started tapping into its potential and finding unexpected new uses for it. Just recently Facebook, the Internet giant, has announced its wish to integrate the technology into social media with a future new program.

This wouldn’t even seem so hard to achieve when taking into consideration the fact that games have developed to the level that a controller is no longer even needed. As new games come out with the option of interacting with the surrounding virtual world through your own hands, and which could effectively immerse and transform you into someone else, it could come as a surprise that one of the VR’s biggest hits is an old shooter.

Thursday marked the release of the PlayStation VR. The new PSVR comes with a wide range of new games that target all the usual areas, from action and strategy experiences to the whimsical, fantasy adventure domain. But the new system’s best mood-inducing, VR including games seem to be refurbished retro ones.

The old game trippy visuals coupled with the rhythmic action and the old-school musical effects seem to have won everyone over, with puzzler SuperHyperCube and Thumper, the rhythm game coming back in full force.

But the PSVR’s surprise and even possibly biggest hit is Rez. The rail shooter, which was first released some 15 years ago is not at its first remake. Its first come back occurred in 2001, on the PlayStation 2 and was followed by an HD Xbox 360 version.

The version released yesterday, or the Rez Infinite, follows the original game’s plan. The player has to go down a path and shot any enemy that might appear in his path. The simple rail shooter comes with quite a unique lock-on system, that will allow to target multiple enemies and shoot them simultaneously by simply holding and then releasing an X button.

The Rez Infinite, although featuring new VR features, still managed to keep its 1970’s style as the game retained its cyberpunk feel and its musical score, which follows the user’s actions. It also still boasts the spirit with its already classic electronic soundtrack and special effects.

That is not to say that the new version didn’t come with a surprise. An “Area X” zone was added specifically for the VR features and, as opposed to the rest of the game, it cannot be played without a headset.

The game’s simple nature is what makes it work so well. As the PSVR headset is still quite underpowered, the simpler, more static games like Rez work better as they are more comfortable to play and less evident to possible blurring or bugs.

As the PlayStation VR comes with both classics as Rez and Thumper besides the new, higher-tech games, it goes to once again show that virtual reality can truly transport you to any time and place.

Image Source: Wikimedia