The PlayStation Social Media Accounts Were the Targets of Several Hack Attacks

PlayStation logo from 2009

PlayStation was the latest target of the hacker group OurMine

This Sunday, PlayStation had its Facebook and Twitter accounts hacked, and OurMine took responsibility for these attacks. The hacker group is well-known for gaining access to many social media accounts of companies, also including the recent HBO attacks.

PlayStation social media accounts got hacked

After gaining access to PlayStation’s accounts, OurMine started posting messages on the page. The group admitted who they were, and asked all people who worked at PS to contact them. They wanted everybody to know of the hacking, so they tried to get a new hashtag trend started, namely #PlayStationLeaks.

A member of the OurMine group talked about their hacking attempt, and explained how they gained access to the social media accounts. By using the Sprout Social management account, they entered the company’s social media, as well as the entire network database.

OurMine didn’t have a malicious intent

However, they describe themselves as a security group, so no private data will be released. This is a relief, since these databased contained login information, such as the names of users and their email data. The motivation between these hackings are interesting, though.

OurMine claim to find those companies with a poor security and then hack them. This way, they can alert them to improve their security strategies, and show what could happen if they were the target of other attacks. Soon after this happened, Sony managed to regain its access to the accounts, and all posts related to the hacking disappeared.

OurMine is also knowing for gaining control over some HBO accounts, two of them including a Twitter dedicated to the top TV series Game of Thrones, and another one to John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight. Last year, they also came into the attention of the public after hacking the accounts of several tech executives, including Mark Zuckerberg.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons