Planned Parenthood Internship Offers Extra Credit

planned parenthood activist

The Texas Christian University’s history department is offering its students the chance of earning three extra credits with a planned parenthood internship. The lucky student that lands the internship will be in charge of highlighting the history of Fort Worth ever since its 1935 establishment.

The president of the American division of the Students for Life Association, Kristan Hawkins, declared that the offer is a disgrace for the Christian university seeing as Planned Parenthood is one of the largest abortion providers in the United States.

“Instead of educating and equipping students on how to persuasively discuss the pro-life viewpoint and help women in crisis, they instead reward students for spending valuable time volunteering for an organization that ends the lives of over 325,000 innocent human beings a year,” Hawkins declared.

The man continued by saying that most parents who send their children to the Texas Christian University are expecting a Christian-focused education, not a pro-choice propaganda. Taxes are over $53,000 a year, and most parents gladly pay the fee thinking that they are sending their children to a place that will teach their children Christian values.

According to the official announcement, the intern will be given the opportunity to interview local families that have always supported planned parenthood. The faculty provides the student with space and a computer, and the themes that can be chosen for the research include gender, local history, and health care history.

This is not the first time that the employees of the Greater Texas Planned Parenthood Clinic draw the attention of the public. Just a couple of weeks ago, a video that leaked on the internet showed Dr. Amna Dermish, one of the doctors that work in the clinic, describing the process of procuring an intact brain from a fetus.

The allegations of illegal conduct are under congressional investigation for the moment.

Texas is known for the pro-life attitude of its inhabitants, more and more abortion clinics being closed in the state. The idea behind this being that once women have to drive to a neighboring town in order to get an abortion, they might think twice before going through with the operation.

What do you feel about the fact that a planned parenthood internship can come with extra college credits?