Pizza Festival Under Investigation After People Issued Dozens of Complaints About It

Pizza with cheese, salami, tomatoes, onion, and olives on a checkered tablecloth

The participants were disappointed by the pizza festival in New York

A pizza festival from New York is currently under investigation, after people who attended it complained of being victims of a scam. For $75, participants were supposed to enjoy a long day of celebration of the beloved meal, attend concerts and, at the end, attend a pizza tasting. What they received were some tiny slices of pizza which weren’t even hot and, obviously, they got upset.

The pizza festival turned into a fiasco

On Saturday, people were expecting to spend a nice day in Bushwick, and celebrate the beloved Italian food pizza. The entire day was dedicated to delicious cheese, topping, pizza crust, and tasty sauces. At the end, participants were promised a special tasting session. However, instead of getting steamy pizza slices, what they got were some tiny pieces of cold dough covered in cheese.

The one who organized the pizza festival was Ishmael Osekre, who is known for hosting similar events. For instance, he was the one behind the African food festival which took place last summer. As expected, that festival was another source of disappointment for the participants.

The organizer blamed the delivery service, which claimed it hadn’t been paid

When questioned about it, he claimed a notice was posted on Facebook. The event page of the pizza festival announced at a certain point that the delivery services failed to bring the expected pizzas. Therefore, people were advised to no longer attend the event. As a compensation, he promised another tasting session.

The ones responsible for the deliveries were Hangry Garden. However, Jeremy Asgari, the co-founder of the company, declared he hadn’t received the money he had negotiated for, leaving him no other option than stop delivering the pizzas.

In terms of refunds, many ticket points investigated the event themselves. However, others told the participants they had to discuss this issue with the organizer, and that they weren’t able to offer refunds.
Image Source: Flickr