Pink Says Dr. Luke Deserves What’s Happening to Him

Singer Pink during photoshoot

It seems like popular singer Pink will not just stand by and watch while people she knows are doing wrong and unlawful things. This is why, in a Thursday article, the songstress revealed her opinion about what is currently happening with producer Dr. Luke (whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald). Pink didn’t talk about the abuse claims that singer Kesha brought to him and didn’t say whether she thinks they are real or not. However, she shared her part of the story and said that Dr. Luke deserves everything that is happening to him right now, and that everything is “karma”.

Pink refuses to stand by

In what concerns Kesha’s claim that Dr. Luke sexually assaulted her back in 2014, Pink admitted that she doesn’t have any idea what actually happened there. However, she said that it doesn’t even matter at this point because he is still not a good person and deserves everything that’s coming to him. It’s worth noting that Pink knows what she’s talking about because she collaborated with Dr. Luke on three songs on her 2006 album I’m Not Dead.

Currently, Pink revealed that she has refused to work with him anymore and that she said this to his face. According to the singer, Dr. Luke is not a good person at all, he is not kind and he doesn’t do good business. So, she admitted that she doesn’t feel bad for him.

It’s interesting that Pink’s reveals come just a few weeks after another songstress, Kelly Clarkson, revealed that she preferred to lose millions of dollars than collaborate with Dr. Luke. Clarkson revealed that she doesn’t care about the money, but that she doesn’t want her name next to his by any means. So, it means something definitely happened there, and those artists in the industry might know about it.

Image source: ouchpress