Phubbing can harm your relationships, study reveals

phubbing may harm relationship

According to a new study, taking cell phone out while your partner is with you and simply laugh at any post or share posts on Facebook may harm your relationship. It is a normal practice these days and we usually stick on phone for hours, even though if we have our partner next to us. Researchers have given this practice a more specific name called “partner phubbing (Pphubbing)” or phone snubbing.

This is for the first time, a study is conducted on the oft-occurring behavior, and its effects on the personal well-being and on the relationship satisfaction are investigated.

The main aim of the study is to investigate the effects of the Pphubbing on the relationships and the emotional state of the partners.

For the study they have performed a couple of surveys. The first study used a nine-item scale for measuring Pphubbing. The scale was valid and reliable. The second study investigated on the proposed relationship from 145 adults.

According to Dr. Meredith David, the assistant professor of marketing from Baylor, during the everyday interaction with our significant others, people generally assume that these momentarily distractions aren’t too much to bother about. But the research has something to say which is opposite to popular belief. It revealed that more often their relationships get interrupted by individuals answering to their phone call, the less often the chances of the other person thinking they are satisfied with the relationship overall.

In the second survey, 46.2 percent of the total 145 adults believe that they have already been Pphubbed. 36.6 percent of them also said that they even went into depression for a while.

Researchers said that Pphubbing may just lead to lower satisfaction in relationships and this may even effect life satisfaction overall.

The study suggested that the impact of Pphubbing on satisfaction in relationship is controlled by the conflict on cell phone use. The attachment style of the person was what moderated phone snubbing. It was found that people who had anxious styles attachment reported much higher levels of conflict with cell phones as opposed to those who has less anxious styles of attachment.

Study importantly reveals that Pphubbing was indirectly related to depression through relationship and even life satisfaction.

Researchers said that when we are spending time with important person then we need to be cognizant of these interruptions caused by our cell phones because they may end up harming the relationship.

The findings of the study are published in Computers in Human Behavior journal.