Pets Now Get Their Own Special Albums in Google Photos

Cat running on the grass

Google Photos can now recognize pets and group the images accordingly

Google’s attempts to make use of facial recognition technology in its Photos app are already well-known to all users. However, some of the photos don’t always include humans, and are often snapshots of man’s furry friends, pets. Since these images also need to be organized properly, Google launched a new tool which filters all photos of animals.

Until now, if they wanted to find all pictures of their pets, users had to type words like “cat” or “dog” in the search box. Now, all these photos will be grouped together automatically, without the need for the people to search for them. Therefore, they will have different albums according to the animals present in photos, alongside those featuring people.

In case you have more pets and want each of them to have its own album, you can label each of them with the pet’s name. This way, when you add more photos of the animal, Google will already have a sample to learn from, and will send the new photos in the suitable album.

Google will automatically group all photos of pets together

However, the animal’s name is not the only search term available. Google can learn how to recognize pets according to their breed, or you can search their photos just by typing the corresponding emoji. Sometimes, it might happen that the app should mistakenly organize the photos. If you correct it, you can help it improve its recognition algorithm.

In case you’re already excited, Google has actually prepared more of it. Occasionally, the Photos app will automatically generate short films featuring a few of your pet photos, with a nice tune in the background. You can do this yourself as well, by selecting the photos you want, and choosing from the available musical samples.

Google knows people regard their pets as family members, so they deserve a special place in the Photos app. This way, you can make sure you organize all their snapshots, and can create dedicated photo albums for each member of your four-legged family.
Image Source: Max Pixel