Patty Jenkins Responds to James Cameron’s “Wonder Woman” Criticism

Wonder Woman

It seems like the director of the highly-acclaimed and hugely-popular Wonder Woman movie, Patty Jenkins, couldn’t hold it any longer and decided to speak up. Her clarifications come as a response to James Cameron’s criticism of her movie and the way it depicts women. So, on Thursday, Jenkins took to Twitter and wrote a lengthy message in which she explains that Cameron’s way of seeing things is wrong. During a recent interview, the Titanic director said that Wonder Woman is actually “a step backwards”.

Answering criticism

In her tweet, Patty Jenkins explains that even if she admires James Cameron as a director, he sometimes tends to see things the wrong way. Also, she said that it’s not a surprise that he doesn’t understand what Wonder Woman wanted to portray and what she is. After all, he is a man. He cannot understand those things correctly. She called him an “amazing filmmaker”, but one that cannot really put himself in the shoes of the women who have been inspired by this movie.

The entire story began after The Guardian published an interview with Cameron. In it, he is saying that Hollywood didn’t do the right thing when it pated itself on the back over what Wonder Woman is. To him, this seemed a step back from everything we’ve been trying to accomplish. The director clarified that he actually really liked the movie, but also called the superhero “yet another objectified icon”. Moreover, he moved on and praised his Sarah Connor portrayal from Terminator 2. He said that she was everything a strong woman should be. Not a beauty and not perfect at all, on the contrary.

In return, Jenkins wrote her own Twitter message in which she is revealing that Cameron has actually praised her work on Monster. For her role in this movie, Charlize Theron an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Image source: flickr