Paris Is The Scene Of Close Drone Race

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Paris has been the scene of a close drone race

The city of Paris has been the scene of a close drone race. The miniature air show featured drone pilots who flew their devices over the Champs Elysees. This was the first city festival to celebrate drones and their owners. France leads the way in terms of producing civilian drones.

It sold 300,000 devices only last year, three times more than in 2014. With their concentration stretched to the max, pilots flew their remote controlled toys through a vividly colored obstacle course. They were followed up with commentaries resembling a Formula One race.

The festival was set in the afternoon and featured a race and demos of the drones, which have multiple uses: for supervising missions, taking aerial footage and, more controversial for the US campaign against terror.

Dunkan Bossian, aged 19, was one of the eight to compete in the drone race. He said it was “magical” to take part in the drone show.

A competitor from Germany, Julia Muller, aged 27, noted that such events are essential to demonstrate that drones are not dangerous, but also meant to be fun.

City official Jean-Louis Missika said that drones have gone mainstream, becoming more affordable and many are used for fun activities. Last year, drones ranked number one as the most popular Christmas gift.

Missika also pointed out that many people don’t get that drones are not exactly toys. They are strictly regulated and for good reason.

The festival also had a teaching side, encouraging people to familiarize with regulations, the uses of drones and piloting workshops.

The postal service showed off its cutting edge delivery drone which can transport 3 kg of mail over 12 miles.

The drone industry had incomes of approximately 300 million euros (335 million dollars) in 2015. 60 million euros came from the professional drone field.

Paris officials have decided to open two sites in the city, one in Bois de Boulogne park and the other in Parc de la Villette, so amateur pilots can safely fly their high-tech devices every Sunday, starting with September the 18th.

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Image Source – Japan Times