Parents should not skip vaccination for their kids

skip vaccination

Parents should not skip vaccination for their kids

There are many parents who do not go with their kids to be vaccinated. This is not a smart decision. If your child will suffer from a disease, he will suffer more and there will be a lot of money paid for the treatment. If you want your kid to be safe, do not let him/her skip vaccination. It might be the difference between life and death.

Doctors from the American Academy of Pediatrics said that high immunization rates are critical if we want our children to be healthy. There are so many kids who suffer from diseases because their parents decided not to let them vaccinate. They should remember that, years ago, there were many diseases who took the lives of millions of children in the whole world. There could be major problems if you and your child skip vaccination.

The states where more people were vaccinated had fewer problems with diseases and their people are healthier. The authorities should make a law so that parents have to make sure their children are vaccinated. A lot of parents fear about their child discomfort or they did not think that the vaccines will help. They should be aware that if a person gets sick,  he/she will suffer more than just a discomfort due to a vaccine. Do not forget that there are diseases such as Hepatitis A who can be cured due to this treatment. If you want to skip vaccination, you should think again.

Why do parents think that most vaccines are not needed? This happens because we live in a period where most of the disease vaccination can prevent are rare. However, there are many dangerous diseases and people die because they were not taking the treatment when they should have.

Doctors should also be more involved in talking to parents about the advantages of vaccination. They can make people understand why it is so important and what is the difference between a child who was vaccinated and one who was not. We hope in the future more people will be aware of the danger and there will more kids who will not skip vaccination. This is the best way to prevent  many diseases.

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