Overwatch Gets A Release Date

Overwatch will officially launch on May 24th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Overwatch will officially launch on May 24th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

All the waiting will be over soon. Overwatch is coming, and Blizzard just announced that it will be much sooner than expected. It’s rare for fans of highly anticipated games to get good news like this, so it should mean that the developer is fully satisfied with the game’s content.

Overwatch is a first person shooter MOBA-style game from Blizzard, the major company who brought us gems like World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. It’s also the first online shooter game they ever released, and it’s highly expected to be a smash success. The gameplay looks exciting, the visuals colorful and alive, and it looks like it has the potential of a major team-based game.

However, if a description isn’t enough, Blizzard is inviting all of us to try it in the Open Beta. There are many players who have been vying to play the game, and yet didn’t get the highly sought-after invitation to get into the Closed Beta. Not everyone who signed up got in. But there’s another chance in the coming months. For anyone who has neither gotten into the Closed Beta or pre-ordered the game, the Open Beta is waiting for them between May 5th and May 9th.

Players who have pre-ordered Overwatch have risen up with a bit of a protest that they weren’t offered instant access in the Closed Beta. According to the developer, this was due to their fact that it wasn’t appropriate with the way they managed their servers. They wanted a slow build, to make sure everything will run smoothly once the game officially launches. The player database had to see a gradual growth, so they could properly understand the required changes.

And, for anyone who played a highly-anticipated online game, they would know how difficult server maintenance is. Blizzard in particular made history with their Error 404 upon the night of the Diablo III launch, which left many players unable to play right after buying the game. In fact, many of them had to wait several days after purchase to get into a server. It became a point of great annoyance and an internet joke.

Blizzard does not intend to make the same mistake, which was why they refused instant access to the Closed Beta to gamers who pre-ordered Overwatch. However, as a thank you, players who have already purchased the game will be given early access into the Open Beta. For them, the testing period will start on May 3rd, which means they will have two extra days of playing before the swarm will crowd the servers. It’s a good amount of time to get ahead a little.

That leaves the official release date of Overwatch on May 24th, nearly a full month earlier than the previously set date of June 21st.

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