Olympian Diets – What Rio Athletes Eat

Olympian diets help athletes keep up their strength

Wings and chicken nuggets help Usain Bolt gather up strength for competitions.

The breakfast of champions is a loose term when it comes to the Olympian diets. The men and women that are currently competing in the Rio Olympic games have their own personalized meal plans that help them achieve greatness.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is famous for his peculiar culinary preferences. The athlete is not keen on vegetables, quinoa, or other overly-advertised healthy ingredients. He is a fan of wings and chicken nuggets. The secret, according to him, is to eat them in the morning with a healthy side of yams.

Luckily, there is a non-stop McDonald’s restaurant in the Olympic village. The fastest man alive has a daily caloric intake of 5,500 calories.

Kerri Walsh Jennings

The beach volleyball player that won the golden medal at the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Summer Olympics is a fan of honey and almond butter sandwiches.

Ryan Lochte

Usually, swimmers are the hungriest of all the participants in the Olympics. They win the gold medal for daily caloric intake, the flag goes up, and then they drink a cup of coffee before the next competitor reaches the finish line.

According to Lochte, he consumes an average of 7,000 calories in a single day. The swimmer usually prefers pasta before competitions. His personal chef, the one who also handles the diet of Lebron James, makes sure to come up with different pasta shapes every time.

During his cheat days, Lochte prefers wings and Domino’s pizza.

Gabby Douglas

Gymnasts do not require as many calories during their performances as swimmers. That is why Douglas has a strict regime of 2,000 calories per day.

The gymnastic darling declared that her secret indulgences are dark chocolate and almonds. Otherwise, she respects her diet of vegetables and lean proteins.

Douglas is among the few that respects the official health guidelines that dictate a daily caloric intake of 2,500 calories for men and 2,000 for women.

Katie Ledecky

As opposed to Lochte who has a gargantuan caloric intake and a personal chef that tends to his dietary requirements, Ledecky declared last year that she eats “whatever my mom cooks me.”

The swimmer seems to take her energy from home-cooked meals filled with protein and love.

The Olympian diets are diverse, and they are personalized for the requirements of each activity. Do you think you could respect a strict regime?

Image source: Flickr