Off-Duty Firefighter Saves The Day

Carbon monoxide written on a paper

Off-duty firefighter saves 30 people by detecting carbon monoxide leak.

Roughly 30 people who visited the River Ridge Tap House restaurant needed medical attention Saturday night because they inhaled carbon monoxide.

According to the paramedics, the patients experienced vomiting, nausea, and headaches. Sixteen were treated outside the restaurant and allowed to return to their homes, whereas fourteen others needed to go to the hospital.

Steve Williams, the Assistant Chief of the Lewisville Fire Department, explains that the gas leak occurred due to a glitch in the heating system of the restaurant. According to Williams, an off-duty firefighter happened to be there and noticed that the people around him were starting to show signs of gas poisoning, so he immediately called the Lewisville Fire Department.

Based on the fire officials’ estimates, the carbon monoxide level was up to six times higher than the standard amount. The restaurant owners apologized for the life-threatening event and said that they called the heating technician on short notice to address the issue.

Firefighters underline that the problem has been fixed and that the restaurant is no longer in danger. Thanks to the quick thinking of the off-duty firefighter, a disaster has been avoided. This odorless gas is highly dangerous because people can’t notice its presence unless someone becomes ill.

In this case, no person in the restaurant was aware of what was happening until the off-duty firefighter realized that the people in there inhaled the toxic gas. After his call, more than twelve fire officials arrived at the restaurant.

Williams says that carbon monoxide can be regarded as a silent killer because you cannot smell it. Also, the problem is that people usually think that they might have contracted the flu, so they don’t seek appropriate treatment.

The fire officials praise the off-duty firefighter and regard him as a hero thanks to his quick reaction. Williams added that the restaurant patrons were thankful, especially as they were unaware of what was happening.

According to the CDC statistics, over four hundred Americans die every year due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning related to fires. Also, over 20,000 people go to the emergency room, and over four thousand are hospitalized.

Williams says that nobody has been seriously hurt. Also, he explains that the restaurant officials shouldn’t be blamed for the malfunction of the heating system.

Image Source:The Blue Diamond Gallery