NYC Officials Offer Special Breastfeeding Rooms for Nursing Mothers

Woman breastfeeding her baby

The authorities in NYC opened special breastfeeding ‘vaults’

New York City officials have great news for mothers. They will have the chance to breastfeed their babies in peace whenever they have to, as the authorities have opened five breastfeeding rooms all over the city. These rooms offer women all the conditions they need for a proper feeding session, and offer them a quiet and comfortable place away from the judging eyes of other citizens.

Authorities want to encourage women to keep breastfeeding

These rooms have been opened thanks to the health department of the city. Dr. Mary Bassett, the health commissioner, said this was meant to be an initiative to encourage breastfeeding, especially among those areas where its rates are low.

This can be done by offering mothers a safe and calm place where they can breastfeed, and telling them it’s fine to do it anywhere, if the baby gets hungry. Also, this initiative should also convince the community that women have the right to breastfeed in public.

These rooms offer nursing mothers everything they need

Authorities decided to open these special breastfeeding rooms after a law was passed last year in the sense. This law required several offices and public places to open these special rooms for nursing mothers. One of the sponsors of this project was Robert Cornegy, the Brooklyn City Councilman, who had to see his wife struggle with their six children.

Officials are calling this room lactation pods, which doesn’t sound really friendly. However, the rooms offer all the comfort women can get. They have benches, a table, and a source of electricity in case they need to operate a breast pump. Also, the door is equipped with a lock.

Women should keep breastfeeding their babies for six months after their birth. However, many of them decide to stop after several weeks, which is not advisable. Breast milk is the perfect food for a baby during its first months of life, and it guarantees a healthy development and a stable source of vitamins.
Image Source: Flickr