Now, Amazon’s Alexa VA Reads You Any Kindle Book You Want

amazon-kindle-booksNow, Amazon’s Alexa VA reads you any Kindle book you want. When Amazon presented its Echo speaker a few months ago, it was not very obvious how useful this device would be. In addition, the company launched an SDK for app designers to benefit from this item and integrate it with other third-party programs.

Over time, this wireless gadget has been upgraded with extra functions and techniques combined with native options. For instance, the speaker can be paired with Yelp or it can be incorporated with some types of automobiles to open their doors and start the motor, besides managing a series of equipment for the home.

Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant and interface of the recent Echo speaker, has become even more intelligent and it is now able to give more answers or even play games. Now, the company has declared that its VA will be capable to narrate various Kindle books directly from Echo.

This function will apply a similar technological innovation that allows the software to read information articles and schedule activities among other items, so the narration may seem a bit more automatic in comparison to the professional actors in the audio books.

Customers can use voice instructions like “Alexa, read (insert the name of a Kindle book)” and the virtual assistant will begin to read the respective text. If people already began reading it and listening to other files, Alexa is capable to remember the headline using Amazon’s proprietary Whispersync technique.

This means that it is enough to ask the program to read the book and it will start to narrate the text from the previous read line. Customers can also tell Alexa to resume and pause the narration, or go backward and forward in the text of the Kindle book using its appropriate vocal instructions.

People can ask the software to read a book from the vast Kindle selection, guides bought from the online store, headings obtained from the Lending Library and books from other online Kindle sources. Amazon clients can also tell their partner app to look through their collection and available titles from external platforms in order to see which book can be read by the assistant.

Unfortunately, people cannot ask Alexa to begin reading particular chapters, which represents a serious disadvantage compared to the Audible feature. However, we have to remember that the new option is totally free for all users and the partner app will permit to skip pages in half a minute intervals.

Image source: Projectlifemastery