Novel Egg Drone Hits The Market

drone flying around

The novel egg drone is called “Power Egg” and it’s got the most eccentric drone design to hit the market until now.

The novel egg drone is called “Power Egg” and it’s got the most eccentric drone design to hit the market until now.

Its makers, the Power Vision Company wanted to come up with a drone design which had to look user-friendly and not intimidating. So they invented the Power Egg. When the drone is folded, it looks like a giant white egg, the approximate size of a rugby ball. To release the legs, you need to pull up the four propeller arms. It then becomes a flying egg. It weighs 4.6 pounds or 2 kilograms.

At the bottom of the egg, the drone features a 4K resolution camera, with a 3-axis motorized track which enables it to rotate to 360 degrees. The camera also boasts a visual positioning system which helps with flying indoors, at a 13 feet – or 5 meter level above ground.

When flying in the outdoors, the drone has a global positioning satellite system (GPS) to keep it stable and to help it achieve several automated shooting modes.

The Power Egg has a “Follow Me” mode that tracks the movement of the user, an orbiting mode, which orbits around a given premises or subject, a navigation mode, and a selfie mode.

Even though these modes are not restricted to Power Egg, it seems to do an impressive job.  The gadget comes with a two-stick controller and a gesture-based Power Egg Maestro. This gimmick lets you choose a location for the drone to fly, point towards it and the drone follows.

The Power Egg can deliver live video recording up to 3.1 miles – or 5 kilometers , broadcasting it to a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS). The battery allows it to stay in the air for approximately 23 minutes. It may sound a little disappointing, but given the drone’s weight, it’s understandable.

We witnessed the Power Egg in action. It took off and landed smoothly. However we did not get to see video footage, so there’s not much information on the image quality.

The price looks a bit steep, compared to the competition. But the Power Egg comes with interesting, unmissable features, like the rotating camera and modular controller.

The design is sleek and ideal for travel.

Image Source – Pixabay