Nose Cartilage Can Be Used To Repair Knee Joints

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They tried to use nose cartilage in order to repair knee joints and they succeeded.

Knee injuries are very common, especially at an older age and it can be complicated to repair knee joints. This might no longer be a problem. Swiss doctors found a new way to fix this problem: nose cartilage. They tried to use nose cartilage in order to repair knee joints and they succeeded.

A new study published in The Lancet details this interesting “experiment” and how it benefited people that participated in it.  Two years ago a team of doctors decided to try using nose cartilage in knee surgery and they tried it on 10 patients. All of the patients mentioned that they noticed that the pain was almost gone and the knee functions significantly improved.

The leader of the study, Ivan Martin, says that this procedure was successful for these patients. He also mentioned that he knows this procedure is not a real treatment for now. Several more studies need to be conducted on this topic in order to see if there are any side effects or complications.

Doctors did not leave the patients without any nose cartilage; they just took some nose cells and grew them in the laboratory. The time of growth was accelerated through the use of hormones. In only 2 weeks the cartilage was fully grown and ready for use.

Nine out of the ten patients had responded well to the surgery, receiving the transplant and having no complication. They also reported that they felt even better than before because it is similar in consistence to the normal knee cartilage. Only one patient had problems with this surgery and with the recovery process because he practices sports.

If people with knee injuries practice sports they need to be very careful because they could cause even more damage. The knee cartilage is very fragile and elastic. If it is affected by some injury it could cause pain and the knee might not work properly after that.

The doctors that completed this study consider making a long-term study. They also want to make other studies on this topic but they want to make them bigger and more diverse.  Other doctors that did not follow the study say that they think that nose cartilage can be a great alternative for knee cartilage.

Image source: Flickr