Northern Lights Shifting South, Earth’s Magnetic Field Weakens

"aurora borealis"

Aurora Borealis? More like Aurora BORE-alis! Oh, who am I kidding? Pretty lights!

Many of you might have heard of, if not actually experienced, the shift that the northern lights are going through. As Earth’s magnetic field continues to weaken, they will start appearing even more to the south. However, with the northern lights shifting south, Earth’s magnetic field weakens.

Recently, the northern lights have started to appear more and more south, with countries like Canada, and even Germany and Denmark being able to experience the breathtaking phenomenon. However, as they usually tend to do, scientists have figured out the reason why, and it’s not the best news.

You know the Earth’s magnetic field, right? The unseen force that helps compasses work and keeps us all from being irradiated by solar winds? Yeah, that.

Well, as it turns out, the reason behind the southern shift in the northern lights is that the direction-providing, radiation-stopping field is, well, flipping.

Scientists from the Stanford University have determined that, even though not for the next 1000 years, the Earth’s magnetic field is going to flip. And this is not the first time it’s done that.

According to Dennis Kent, co-author of the study, the reason for the appearance of the Aurora Borealis is the solar winds interacting with our own planet’s magnetic field. As it has already started it’s flipping process, the field is getting weaker. The weaker the field is, the larger the part of the world that is going to be able to see the stunning light show.

So, even though the polar reversal will not occur in the next thousand years, the process has already begun. Thus, the effects that follow its beginning are already showing. So, what else can we expect from the waning magnetic field.

Well, scientists aren’t quite sure yet.

Even though this has happened in the past, it hasn’t really happened during our recorded history. Not only that, but these flips do not occur under a regular schedule, so no actual timeline can be determined.

Of course, some have come up with theories, ones more concerning than others, but the over-all effects of the polar shift will have to be experienced in order to be accurately determined.

Some of the most concerning facts about the following magnetic reversal would be increased radiation levels caused by the waning field and mass extinctions.

Of course, there are those who believe that the magnetic disturbances will lead to a post-apocalyptic scenario, in which technology will be rendered useless, and mankind will have to survive without the use of its most trusted companion: electricity.

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