New No Man’s Sky Update Adds Vehicle for Exploration

No Man's Sky

Hello Games will soon release the Path Finder update for No Man’s Sky which will introduce a new vehicle

Good news for fans of the space exploration simulator No Man’s Sky. The developers Hello Games announced that their next update would be ready next week.

Fans have been waiting for the new No Man’s Sky update, and here it is. “Path Finder”, as it is called, will bring a new vehicle for exploration. There have been rumors of planetary vehicles in No Man’s Sky since the first major update, “Foundation” appeared post-launch near the end of November 2016.

Foundation came up with the following changes. It added base building and introduced two new game modes, Creative and Survival. In the Creative mode, the threats were gone and players could explore the planet and build new formations at a more leisurely pace.

The Survival mode was the opposite of the Creative mode. It was made for those who found the game too easy, so it increased the level of difficulty and brought more threats. The update was called “Foundation” as it put the bases for future updates that were on the go.

Hello Games has recently suffered quite a backlash when false advertising rid them of a few users. After this, they assured all users that the features in the new update Path Finder work perfectly. This might count as an attempt of Hello Games to win back their fanbase.

After they released the Foundation update, users reported certain issues, but Hello Games tried to fix them and released a few patches that were meant to improve the Foundation gameplay. They listened to their users’ feedback and assured there are no problems before starting working on the new Path Finder update.

However, the dissatisfied players might not be impressed only by a vehicle that provides hasty and more efficient exploration. This is why Hello Games promised that this is only the first in a series of more updates. This shows that they are on their way of making things better after an unpleasant experience.

The company also declared that this was just a small step in their journey and were waiting for the fans to join them. The addition of a vehicle for space exploration could sound like an insignificant change, but it actually solves one of the main issues in No Man’s Sky.
Image Source: SketchPort