Nioh Promises a Tough and Brutal Gameplay

Nioh main character

On February 7th, Team Ninja will release Nioh, one of the most difficult hardcore games released in the last years

Nioh is a game produced by Team Ninja, which is announced to be released on February 7th. The game is available exclusively for PlayStation 4 and has been compared to Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne.

Team Ninja is known for other game franchises, such as Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive. With Nioh, they may strike another hit. Former reports talk about Team Ninja characterizing their game as “masocore”. The term is derived from “masochistic” and “hardcore”. Thus, gamers can have an idea of how tough the game would be.

The game features a main character called William. The developers admitted that they got inspired from games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne. However, Nioh is not a copy of these two. It may feature elements from both of them, such as the increased difficulty found in them. It even features hints of Diablo.

Many other game reviewers stress the fact that Nioh is not a mix of other games set in Feudal Japan. It is able to convince the players with its individuality via the emotion with which the demons and possessed humans move. Also, the game can lure players to hide in what they think as safe spaces only to be caught by the hiding enemies.

Arthur Gies and Philip Kollar of Polygon admitted that their review is not complete yet. However, they revealed a few details on the game. They regarded Nioh as one of the most difficult games they had to review, as they had offer maximum of concentration to the gameplay. Each wrong move could have cost them the life of the main character William.

We also know that Nioh offers three stances during the game and that it has a fluid and complex combat system. Also, gamers can customize William’s ability so that he is more suitable for their gaming style. Anyway, if you expect Nioh to be more like Bloodborne, you have to know that it is more difficult.

Team Ninja first announced the release of Nioh back in 2015. Since then, they have performed many changes on the gameplay and described the new one as more “streamlined”. Thus, players can enjoy a better gaming experience and make use of all the special features.
Image Source: Youtube