More Rumors on Nintendo Switch Released

Nintendo Switch console

The most expected tech event of January is the Nintendo Switch live conference

One of the most important tech events of January is the live conference of Nintendo Switch on January 12th. Since the official announcement in October, the world has been taken by storm and many rumors have spread regarding the gaming device. One of the most relevant rumors have been collected and put together for the excitements of fans worldwide.

Nintendo already proved some of the rumors to be true, namely those regarding what Switch actually was – a portable console with detachable controllers, Joy-Cons. The console supports dual-band wifi and Bluetooth and also the Wii LAN adapter through USB.

Like other consoles, Switch supports voice chat which works via Bluetooth or headphones. With all features put on maximum, Switch’s battery will probably last around three hours. You will be able to charge the console via an USB port. The storage is rumored to be of 32 GB, but the console supports micro SD memory cards up to 128 GB.

One of the favorite rumors is, of course, the games that can be run on Switch. The most popular rumor about this suggests the crossover between Super Mario and Rabbids, namely Rabbids Kingdom. Also, despite the struggle with the rendering of images, Resident Evil 7 is a strong candidate along the games supported by Switch.

A game that has long been confirmed to be available for Switch is Dragon Quest XI. The game is part of Unreal Engine 4, whose graphics are compatible with the console. Therefore, several other games of this company are expected to be supported by the console.

As regarding the official launch of the product, the rumors suggest March. Some sources even provided a possible exact date. A German retailer offered a hint at March 19th. In the UK, March 17th was cited by the Metro newspaper as a more reliable date.

Rumors about the price are a bit clashing. The official statement of Nintendo is to place Switch among their usual price range for consoles. Other sources cite a prince in North America varying from $249.99 to $300. There is a different situation in UK, where retailers establish their own prices. There are many debates on the subject, but the prices will vary from £199 to £245.

Despite all this fervor regarding the prices, nothing is sure. The Japanese newspaper Nikke claimed the price would be of 25,000 yen, but nobody will know for sure until the official event on January 12th.
Image Source: Flickr