Nintendo Continue the Support for 3DS

Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo does not end support for the 3DS console

Nintendo surprised their fans again, when they announced they would continue the support for the 3DS consoles up until 2018. Also, they will keep presenting new games available on this platform. This defies the expectations that Nintendo would no longer offer support for this console.

Nintendo keep the 3DS running

Nintendo’s latest console, Switch, took the market by storm and faced incredible popularity. Thus, many people thought that they would choose to kill the old 3DS and choose to direct all their attention to Switch. However, this is not the case.

Reggie Fils-Aimé, the president of Nintendo in America, announced that they would not end the support for 3DS. Moreover, he declared that they would have some new titles available for this platform which they would present at E3, the biggest conference on gaming. Until 2018, they will keep preparing new games for the console.

However, Fils-Aimé did not confirm any upcoming games. This only allows fans to make suppositions, and presume that certain expected games will make an apparition for 3DS, too. Among these titles, there are Lady Layton, Hey! Pimkin, or Ever Oasis.

There are plenty of reasons why 3DS should still be around

While some might say that killing the console would have been a good idea, there are a lot of other reasons which suggest the opposite. This line of consoles remains the best-selling in this generation in both its forms, meaning both as home console and handheld.

At the moment, there are around 60 million 3DS consoles in use all over the world. Thus, there should be no reason for Nintendo to stop their support. However, the next big thing is Switch, which is also both handheld and a home console. Thus, customers might choose to buy the new Switch with plenty of features and not opt for the 3DS.

One problem might be that not everybody can afford buying a Switch. This is why Nintendo announced the release of 2DS XL, a follower to the 2DS console which works as a 2D version of the 3DS XL. The platform is refined and appealing to customers, and allows them to enjoy the DS XL experience at a smaller price.

Besides, players can choose to transfer their data from their old 3DS to the new 2DS XL. Thus, they can upgrade and keep their records intact. They will be able to do this starting July 28th, when 2DS XL is released on the market.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons