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Three school girls in Nigeria, playing

Girl in Nigeria Murdered for Witchcraft Rituals

Girl in Nigeria Murdered for Witchcraft Rituals

According to a report from the authorities, a 17-year old Nigerian girl has been killed so that her body parts could be used for certain witchcraft rituals. It seems like those rituals are traditional and are supposed to bring wealth upon those who execute them. By now, the police have arrested three people. One of

Murder on the Orient Express promo image

Murder on the Orient Express Juggles Too Many Things and Fails

Murder on the Orient Express, the famous mystery novel by Agatha Christie, doesn’t leave much room for interpretation. Also, it’s rather difficult to do something that hasn’t been done with it before. Most people know the story and most importantly, the murderer. Also, it’s worth noting that even if it’s one of the greatest works

A young Robert Guillaume

Emmy Winner Robert Guillaume, Dead at 89

Actor Robert Guillaume, who won two Emmy Awards for his amazing portrayal of the butler Benson on two ABC sitcoms, passed away on Tuesday at 89. According to his wife, Donna Brown Guillaume, he died in his Los Angeles home surrounded by friends and family. He sadly lost the years-long battle with prostate cancer. Guillaume

R. Kelly looking over his sunglasses

Another Woman Accuses R. Kelly of Sexual and Physical Abuse

In a report that Rolling Stone published on Monday, another woman has decided to speak up against rapper R. Kelly. It’s interesting that this time, the accuser is a divorcee and mother of one, Kitti Jones. She was also a rather important radio DJ from Dallas. All the previous women who accused the rapper of