Cartoon Network Reveal New Steven Universe RPG

Steven Universe

Steven Universe the RPG will feature a sequel, called Save the Light

Did you enjoy the mobile RPG Steven Universe: Attack the Light? It appears that Cartoon Network and Grumpyface Studios will continue their collaboration and they will launch a sequel for the game. They even set a gameplay preview for this weekend.

Kotaku found out the title of the sequel. It is going to be called Steven Universe: Save the Light. However, do not get fooled by the name. It is going to be a completely different game. There are some leaked screenshots which show Greg Universe and Connie joining Steven in his adventure.

The previous game featured Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl as Steven’s core companions. The sequel features Steven being helped by the team of Garnet, Connie, and Greg Universe.

Also, the new games will offer Steven a more active role than before. As compared to the previous game, maybe Steven will engage in performing attacks himself, instead of relying on his companions as he used to.

Steven Universe: Save the Light will launch as a console RPG. The game will maintain the original story designed by the creator of the cartoon series, Rebecca Sugar.

The developers have decided to change the game from a mobile version to a console version in order to bring an improved battle system which will also contain the option of customizable characters. Also, the new game will be based more on exploration and solving puzzles with a 3D environment.

Cartoon Network will also reveal other games besides the new Steven Universe. One of them is OK KO: Let’s Be Heroes, game also based on an animated series. Interested in this new game? Well, Comics Alliance reveals that it tells the story of a dynamic and optimistic kid who is trying to do everything he can to level up in an active universe full of friends and foes.

If this captured your attention, you can go see a preview of the gameplays this weekend, at PAX East. Cartoon Network Games announced that their panel will be displayed in the Dragonfly Theater in Boston, Massachusetts, at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Regarding the release date of Steven Universe: Save the Light, Cartoon Network did not reveal a fixed date. However, they announced that the game was set for launch this summer.
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