New Ovarian Cancer Drug to Hit Market

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Tesaro gave a press release on its’ new ovarian cancer drug.

Tesaro gave a press release on its’ new ovarian cancer drug. The Niraparib drug which got to an advanced testing phase is almost ready to be sold as an official cancer treating drug.

The drug was involved in a Phase 3 test, called NOVA trial, to see whether patients treated with this novelty drug would survive ovarian cancer. The drug managed to stop most ovarian cancers from spreading. The drug improved “significantly” survival rates for women with re-occurring ovarian cancer.

The NOVA trial included 500 patients with re-occurring breast cancer, divided into two groups: one received the new treatment, others received the best possible chemotherapy. None of the patients died during this trial, which makes it extraordinary.

Niraparib is an oral substance which needs to be taken once a day. It can also be used as a treatment for breast cancers. Another stage 3 test has proven its versatility. It could soon be used even for prostate cancer.

The Johnsons and Johnsons company announced it would invest fifty million dollars in Tesaro. Most women diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer have a relapse of the disease. This is why the new drug is important – it multiplies the options available for treatment.

Dr. David Barley says that ovarian cancer is to date one of the most deadly cancers and that more therapeutic options are needed for this disease.

Every year, about 22,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the US. Almost 80% are diagnosed when the cancer is advanced and showing symptoms, which makes the disease harder to cure. This type of cancer is the fifth cause of death among women. Of those who manage to cure the disease, 90% have a relapse within two years.

Tesaro is a biopharmaceutical company which focuses on the oncology sector. They are keen on offering transforming solutions to people fighting with cancer.

On Wednesday, the stock market entered the fight against cancer. Tesaro’s shares have seen an increase of over 69%, after reports of a successful cancer trial.

The company has more coming for 2016: they plan on submitting an application for a new drug.

Company officials have said that more data on these cancer drug trials is to be released in October, at a European Oncology Congress.

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