Scientists Find New Organ – The Mesentery

The placement of the mesentery

Researchers found a new organ called the mesentery

A groundbreaking discovery shook the scientific and medical world. Researchers at the University of Limerick found that a double-layered sheet of abdominal connective tissue can be categorized as an organ. The Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology magazine revealed that this new organ is called the mesentery.

After extensive research, scientists revealed that the mesentery can play a crucial role in several gut diseases. If they continue the research, they may discover vital information on how to treat these gut diseases. They also claim that the mesentery has been ignored for such a long time because it was described in many medical textbooks as a disjointed ribbon.

The author of the study, surgeon J. Calvin Coffey, stated that, for at least a hundred years, the anatomical description of this organ was incorrect. The mesentery is not fragmented, but a continuous structure. After more thorough study, Coffey can guarantee that researchers will be able to categorize abdominal illnesses to a larger extent.

Until now, the researchers have identified the structure and the anatomy of the organ. The next step is to identify the role it plays. Coffey declared that, after identifying the function of the organ, they will be able to find what may not function properly with it and therefore gather data about possible diseases.

All the data gathered so far has been put together in order to make information on the mesentery more accessible. Medical students are already being taught about the mesentery. Still, Coffey does not know for sure who has the authority to decide if the mesentery is to be awarded the title of organ.

The anatomical data gathered about the mesentery classify it as a sort of belt that is meant to keep the intestines in place. It begins at the pancreas and surrounds the small and the large intestine. It is bound to secure the structure of the intestines.

Although we may not know for sure if the mesentery is to be called an organ, it is indispensable in the human body and one cannot live without it. There is no knowledge of a human being born without a mesentery. The discovery strikes as revolutionary since this may be a way for medical researchers to find cures for a wide variety of digestive diseases.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons