Critics Are Not Happy with Netflix’s Adaptation of Death Note

Death Note logo over a black skull background

Netflix will release its own adaptation of the Japanese manga Death Note

Netflix decided to bring its own adaptation to the popular manga Death Note, and critics are not happy. The manga has gathered thousands of fans over the years, as it puts up many moral questions regarding power and truth. However, the top streaming service Netflix decided to bring its own adaptation of the story, which distances itself quite a lot from the original. As expected, old fans are not pleased.

Netflix will soon release a Death Note adaptation

Netflix took quite a brave step in its adaptation of Death Note. The Japanese manga was already extremely popular when the first movie based on it appeared, or before it was turned into an anime. Unfortunately for the older fans, things were changed a bit from the original.

Although the movie kept the names of the characters, their stories weren’t properly preserved. Netflix’s version of the stories of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata were altered, and critics thought they could have been rendered better. Also, Ryuk was displayed as a horrific demigod, while this version’s Light, embodied by Natt Wolf, was pretty happy by the killing capabilities of the notebook

The creators of the manga were happy with the Netflix version

In fact, this version depicts a reality where the deadly notebook gets in the hands of a Seattle teenager, and the action takes place in Seattle. Therefore, critics didn’t appreciate the massive whitewashing of the story.

Adam Wingard has a pleasant style of horror, but the critics think Netflix could have done more than that. However, despite all this negative feedback and general disappointment, Tsugumi Ohba seemed to have enjoyed this version of Death Note, and this counts a lot for the company. The makers got to enjoy a private screen of the movie, and they declared themselves excited.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons