NASA Denies the Claims Regarding Kidnapped Children on Mars

Curiosity approaching Mars

NASA denied the claims suggesting kidnapped children are held on Mars as sex slaves

InfoWars is known for often spreading news of the most insane conspiracy theories, and there’s no sign of stopping. Recently, NASA has been the subject of such a theory, as InfoWars claimed Mars hosted a colony of children kidnapped as sex slaves. As expected, the space agency dismissed these rumors.

Robert David Steele comes with some outrageous theories

During an InfoWars episode aired on Thursday, Robert David Steele was invited as a guest. He was a former clandestine officer at CIA, and came on Alex Jones’ show to comment on certain pedophilia claims related to the Catholic Church.

During the 5-minute interview, he came with the insane claim that Mars might actually be hiding secret colonies populated by children. According to Steele, after these kids are kidnapped, they are sent on a space ride which lasts for 20 years. After they get to Mars, the only solution they have is to become sex slaves.

He founds his claims on the fact that most NASA missions are secret. The agency might be sending rovers to explore the planet, but everything is meant to trick people into thinking what they want. Apparently, Steele has talked to certain NASA engineers who said many things were going on but, obviously, the population cannot be informed.

NASA dismisses these claims

As expected, NASA denied all these theories. There are, indeed, rovers on Mars, which roam the planet and gather information on its surface. However, there are no humans there, and nobody has ever reached the Red Planet yet.

Jones and the InfoWars show is well known for launching all kinds of scandalous conspiracy theories. The anchor attracted media attention in 2012, when he claimed the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut was only a hoax. Twenty-six people, twenty children and six adults, died during this shooting.
Image Source: NASA