Napercise Is the Perfect Workout Program for the Lazy

Sleeping woman

Napercise is an exercise program which consist of 45 minutes of daytime sleep

A new gym class introduced in the UK gathered thousands of participants, as it charmed them with the unusual form of exercise it proposes: napping. Dubbed ‘Napercise’, this class has people sleep for 45 minutes during the afternoon.

Replacing training equipment with beds

These types of gym classes are suitable even for the laziest of people. They have been introduced by David Lloyd gyms, a sports chain which has branches all over UK. If you subscribe to a Napercise class, you won’t participate to active classes taking place in studios crowded with workout equipment and sweat.

Treadmills have been replaced with beds, and the active workout music turned into calm tunes which are meant to help you relax and catch some sleep. Therefore, everything you have to do is lie on the bed, relax your mind and body, and take a 45-minute nap. Now you may wonder how this represents exercise.

However, people burn calories even during sleep. In fact, the trainers will make sure you do that by lowering the temperature in the studio. A lower temperature helps with the burning of calories during sleep. Besides, these classes also help the mind.

Napercise teaches people of the benefits of sleep

The creators of Napercise got their inspiration from several studies which suggested the beneficial effect of sleep during the day. Thus, they designed them to relax and refresh the mind, improve moods, and even burn several extra calories. Daytime napping can relieve stress and anxiety, helps people become more alert and be in a good mood.

The first Napercise class will take place this weekend in London, at the David Lloyd Sidcup gym. Everybody who wants to try a reinvigorating exercise in the form of 40 minutes of sleep is invited to participate. This first session will work as a trial. If it proves successful, it will spread to other gyms in the country.

When designing these classes, the trainers collaborated with a Dreams expert, Kathryn Pinkham. They wanted to emphasize the importance of sleep. If people are deprived of sleep, they get tired more easily, lack concentration, and are more likely to develop anxiety or depression. Moreover, even their physical health might suffer if they do not get enough sleep.

Thus, Napercise creators want to show people that rest is important, too, and that they should take some time for themselves to clear their mind, rest, and return from the nap refreshed and ready for action.
Image Source: Pixabay