Myths Flat Earth Movement Wants to Debunk

Sketch of a flat Earth

Nathan Thompson is the 31-year old host of the Official Flat Earth Globe & Discussion group. This is not a real organization by any means, but a group on Facebook. He is one of the strongest believers in the flat Earth theory and he has a lot of followers and people that think like him. Thompson says that this is no longer a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy fact. Now, the man is enjoying a lot of attention as more and more people reject traditional sources of information in exchange of bizarre facts they find online and consider true.

 The internet, from YouTube to Facebook and from Twitter to Instagram claims that our planet is actually some sort of disk. Also, that gravity is not completely certain, that the space is a lie and that the curvature the planet exhibits is only an optical illusion. According to the followers of this idea, this has made done by powerful people who wish to make everyone else feel powerless and unimportant. These people believe that someone crated the Earth by design, not by accident. They even cite Bible quotes as directly referencing this theory. Among them are verses like “the four corners of the Earth” or “foundations of the Earth”.

The flat-Earth movement and its beliefs

Also, there seem to be an epicenter where all the theories and videos seem to come from: Colorado. It will also be the host of next year’s Flat Earth International Conference. Mark Sargent is a software analyst who now lives in Seattle and is the creator of most of these videos online. He reportedly became a believer when he realized that he had ran out of theories to prove the Earth is round. Now, his YouTube channel has over 10 million views and is his full-time job.

And while the theory of the flat Earth dates back to the Bronze Age, technological evolution has allowed us to find out the truth. However, it seems that this won’t stop some people from having their own opinion.

Image source: wikimedia