Moto 360 2nd Gen – a Smartwatch for the Ages

Moto 360 2nd genPerforming smartwatches, like the Moto 360 2nd Gen, represented only a far hope in the past, now these devices are a requirement in our way of life. Although people can work without them, they prefer to have a modern watch on their wrist, since they are truly amazing. We have seen a great collection of smartwatches this season, the majority of them operating on the new Android Wear OS.

The top gadget appears to be Moto 360 second gen, which was launched at the end of this summer. The watch is the next edition of Motorola’s wearable series and is improved compared to the past one that was already a great device. Although initially the style of the 360 2nd generation was not modified a lot from the previous design, it was enhanced thanks to the inclusion of its wings that allow customers to switch the bands easier, and the top was also changed for better use.

The Moto smartwatch maintained the circular model, which is attractive to people in comparison to the rectangle-shaped one, probably because it appears like a conventional timepiece. It is recommended for females, being the best watch that truly looks elegant enough for women to have it without appearing too massive. The device can be personalized with the Moto Maker feature in many different versions and that is also a good option for this particular watch.

Every user can have exactly the model they love for their Moto 360, but the gadget is not only another wearable in the smartwatch segment, since it is very useful and awesome to wear in most situations. The screen of the Moto 360 2nd gen is based on LCD technology, with a resolution of 360 by 325 pixels for its 42mm version and 360 by 330 for a 46mm edition of the watch.

It is not as good in theory as the screen of other smart watches that were lately launched, but is bright and sharp, even in daylight. A very important factor about its display that concerns many individuals is the light sensor incorporated in the watch’s frame. This feature is not seen in other devices in the same segment, and it may be a disadvantage for many clients.

The Moto 360 2nd gen did not only offer improvements regarding its design, but it also arrives with a series of new functions that promise to enhance the entire user experience on this type of gadgets. The timepiece not only provides conventional Android Wear health and fitness applications, it has also Motorola’s proprietary Moto Body feature.

Image source: Pocketnow