A Mother Fights for Her Son’s Healthcare Insurance Under Obamacare

protect the Obamacare Act

A mother fights to protect the Obamacare Act that offered her son’s a chance at life

In the debate regarding the new Health Care bill under the Trump administration, which, voices say, would put 22 million people under non-insurance situation in the next decade, a mom shows how Obamacare helped her fight for her son. Ethan Chandra was born with a rare disorder, called heterotaxy syndrome. She has taken her fight and government help under the Obamacare Act to add to the discussions regarding the Trump care Act.

A Mother Fights for Her Son’s Healthcare Insurance Under Obamacare

Under the further heated debates about the new Healthcare bill that the Congress will vote upon, a mother of a son with a rare illness goes to fight protect the Obamacare Act. She tweeted her medical bill she received in the mailbox for her son’s recent heart surgery. And although she knows that she is using subjectivism in the debate, this does not constitute a reason that she would be willing to neglect.

“Look my son in the eyes and tell him that he’s fought so hard to be here but sorry, you’re just not worth it anymore,” she tweeted. “I dare you.”

Chandra, the mother of Ethan Chandra, is a registered pediatric nurse who has been volunteering, with her husband, for Mercy Ships, a nonprofit that docks floating medical centers in poor countries. It offers free specialized surgery and other medical care. And Chandra admits that, while health care is about healing, it also involves resources and money, and she knows that those are limited.

Nonetheless, this rationale has not let her lose focus of what she considers that is at stake in the debate. To fight protect the Obamacare Act. She does indeed say that the bill in itself is not perfect, but she knows that had she not benefited of the Obamacare Act, she would not have been able to enjoy the moments she spends with her son.

For her, Obamacare was a safety net until her husband found a workplace that also offered health insurance and benefits. But, she considers that she and many others need to fight protect the Obamacare Act so as no other people would have to face the haunting situation in which they would not be able to pay for their healthcare bills or to receive help from the government in very delicate situations.

Image Source: Pixabay