Mormon Church Adopted New Rules against Same-Sex Marriage

"Mormon Church on gay marriage"

The Mormon Church is not recognizing gay couples.

Recently, the Mormon Church adopted new rules against same-sex marriages making their stand on homosexual relationships public for the first time. The decisions that the religious institution has taken in regard to same-sex marriages has displeased most people with gay orientation.

The Mormon Church, officially known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is one of the strictest religious communities because its followers believe their mission is to restore humanity to Jesus Christ’s true teachings. Mormons make efforts to lead a saint life, which is why they oppose most of the modern day practices, unless they are in keeping with their Church’s values.

As expected, the Mormon Church has a strong stand against same-sex marriages as leader Elder D. Todd Christofferson has recently declared in an interview. The leadership believes gay marriages are a “serious kind of sin” that need to be subjected to religious discipline.

As a consequence, the Mormon leadership will not accept homosexual members within its community. On the contrary, they will not recognize adults, who are involved in a similar relationship, be it official or non-official. Moreover, children, who are raised in households of homosexuals will not be accepted within the Church’s community, as well.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson has explained that the Church does not want to interfere with the teachings that parents are passing on to their children and influence them. For that matter, they will not accept children of homosexual parents while they still live with their parents. When they become adults, they have the possibility to choose whether they want to completely break with their parents’ ways and follow the precepts of the Mormon Church or not.

Even though the Mormon Church is not willing to accept children from same-sex relationships, they are, nevertheless, willing to counsel them whenever they can do that. The leader stressed the fact that Mormon priests will be more than glad to offer their support to these children, but this will be the only comfort they will get.

Homosexual couples within the Mormon community will be severely criticized and even punished, Elder D. Todd Christofferson has added. He has further stated that the leadership will excommunicate these members unless they are willing to follow their religious discipline.

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