Mysterious Monster-Like Creature Washed Ashore in Philippines

Drawing of a giant oarfish

Scientists were baffled by a mysterious hairy creature that resembled a monster which was washed ashore on a Filipino beach

The body of a dead sea creature of monster size covered in white hair was washed ashore on a beach in Philippines. The experts and locals are now wondering what might be the cause of death of this creature, since it is the second monster of enormous sizes that reached the Filipino shore.

The locals declared that the two creatures were both monster-looking but, besides that, they were different in aspect. They were washed ashore in different locations and several days apart from each other. The locals suspect that there is something that is killing the creatures that live in the deep parts of the ocean.

The hairy monster was washed on a beach in Cagdainao, in Dinagat Islands. When it first reached the shore, it was bleeding, so the creatures must have still been alive. It was covered in massive amounts of a substance that resembled hair, so the people initially thought it was a polar bear. Some suspect that it might be a sea cow or a whale, but there appeared no official statement regarding the species of the creature yet.

The other creature the size of a monster that ended up on a Filipino beach is a serpent-looking oarfish. This one has been found on the northern coast of Mindanao. This carcass was also white. The fact that such creatures reached the surface is peculiar, since they are known to live in deeper parts of the ocean and have rarely been seen roaming the shallow waters.

Several fishermen reported seeing 30-foot long oarfish near the surface. Again, this makes the scientists wonder what they might be doing there, since they usually live at depths of around 3,280 feet. They need to find out why these creatures come from the ocean floor up to the surface and some of them get killed in the process.

What is even more peculiar is the fact that these oarfish were seen near the surface a few days before a 6.7 earthquake hit Philippines. Then, fishermen reported that several other specimens were still roaming the area after the earthquake, too. This made the locals wonder if sea creatures might be able to predict such phenomena.

This might be a valid point, since there are previous reports of oarfish coming near the surface before earthquakes in Haiti, Japan, and Chile.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons