Mods Will Be Available for Final Fantasy XV for PC, as Long as They Don’t Go ‘Too Far’

Screenshot from Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV for PC will be open for mods, but within certain limits

Final Fantasy XV creators have come with big news. To the delight of the players, the game will be available on PC. Also to their surprise, Hajime Tabata, the game director, announced this version of the game will support mods. However, this might get limited if modders get way too creative and produce X-rated content.

Final Fantasy XV for PC will be open for modding

During PAX West, Tabata talked a bit about this exclusive new feature which gets included in the PC version of Final Fantasy XV. Veteran gamers have probably gotten used to the games in the franchise to have a standard imagery. All players get to enjoy the same experience, and witness the same images and graphics.

Now, the creators decided to make things more flexible. The structure of Final Fantasy XV makes things unique for each player and, as soon as they embark on the journey of the game, they get to enjoy everything in a different manner. This is the perfect setting for modders, so they decided to allow the creation of mods.

Modders are free to do what they want, as long as they don’t include adult content

Tabata wants to promote creativity, and let people enjoy a different experience with each mod. However, there might be a situation where he would allow to the restriction of mods. If they come to display too much nudity or X-rated scenes, then some limitations might be imposed.

The final decision stands in the hands of the head of Square Enix. However, Tabata has enough authority to declare that adult content has no place in the mods. If the company will stumble upon such scenes, modding might be severely restricted, or even stopped.

The great announcement for Final Fantasy XV for PC came last month, and Square Enix offered a possible release date sometime in early 2018. This version will feature great graphical improvements, and will be available in 4K. The company has prepared the perfect recipe for the delight of the fans, and we cannot wait until the release.
Image Source: Flickr