Italian Court Decided that Excessive Mobile Phone Use Caused Brain Tumor

Talking on the mobile phone

An Italian court decided that mobile phone use can be directly linked to brain tumors

Roberto Romeo, an Italian telecom executive, developed a brain tumor and lost his hearing after he had it removed. This issue was brought into court, and the judges from the town of Ivrea determined that the tumor was caused by the excessive mobile phone use.

The court decided – excessive mobile phone use caused the tumor

The sentence was ruled out on April 11th, but it was revealed to the public only after nine days. However, it is not final and it can still be appealed. Romeo also received a special monthly pension of €500, offered by INAIL, a national insurance company which deals with workplace accidents.

Renato Ambrosio and Stefano Bertone, Romeo’s lawyers, declared that this was the first time when a court determined a direct link between excessive use of the mobile phone and the development of a brain tumor.

The 57-year-old businessman declared in court that, during his 15-year career, he had to talk at a mobile phone for three or four years every day. In 2010, he experienced an odd feeling in his right ear. After a thorough check-up, he discovered the tumor which, fortunately, was benign.

However, after the surgery, the businessman lost his hearing completely in the right ear, as the doctors had to remove his acoustic nerve together with the tumor. An expert not involved in the medical procedure analyzed the case and decided that it was, indeed, caused by the prolonged use of a cellphone.

Romeo declared that he did not want to discourage mobile phone use, as it is indispensable nowadays. However, people should be aware that the excessive use of such devices can have terrible consequences on their health.

Other research on the subject gives conflicting results

A lot of studies tackled the issue of the risks of mobile phone use. They questioned the possibility of developing brain tumors from the radiation emitted by the devices. One 2014 French research discovered that using a mobile phone for more than 15 hours per month increases the risk of getting brain tumors.

A second research also suggests that people who use mobile phones for more than 25 years are more likely to develop brain cancer. Glioma is the most common type of cancer which is associated with excessive cellphone use.

However, the biggest study on the subject, developed by the American Cancer Society, decided that there is no direct link between cellphones and brain cancer. They argued that the previous studies lacked consistent evidence, as they did not have all the necessary means to find them.
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