Millions of Products to Order With Alexa

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It can help you buy millions of products.

Alexa virtual assistant on Amazon has now received a make-over, and it can help you buy millions of products. With this latest update, Alexa can now assist you to buy through Amazon Echo, Tap, and Fire TV, or Echo Dot. Amazon says that there are tens of millions of products available through Alexa. However there are some products which are still off-limits.

Watches, apparel, shoes, jewels or add-on items which are part of Prime Pantry, Prime Now or Amazon Fresh cannot be voice-purchased through Alexa. For other products, it’s a lot easier to order. You just say “Alexa, order me some toothpaste” and then confirm the purchase. Alexa will place your order instantly, and hassle-free.

When you place orders through Alexa, the digital assistant app orders the product by using the first method of payment in your account. The items ordered by you can be returned three times. Other options for users include changing their shopping settings in the app, turning off voice purchasing, or setting it to require a code before placing orders.

Other voice purchasing settings are available on Amazon’s support page.  Before this innovative update, Alexa could only re-order products you had already ordered. The update brings a lot more options, but it is only intended for Amazon Prime clients. Without a Prime subscription, you won’t be able to take advantage of voice purchasing with Alexa.

Personal assistants activated by voice are starting to gain ground in the technological environment, so Amazon does have competition. Just this May, Google Home made its first steps as a competitor of Amazon Echo. Apple is also trying to keep up pace with the Sirikit for iOS, and other companies will soon want a share of the market.

It remains a mystery who will win the race, but Amazon is clearly a strong competitor.  By increasing Alexa’s skills, the company ensures you to have a pleasant experience. The digital assistant Alexa has over 1,000 skills. Amazon Prime is Amazon’s combination service which offers music and video streaming, free shipping and other bonuses, for a one-time fee.

Users can also configure the Alexa app. For example, you can turn voice purchasing off if you don’t want to use it, or set it to ask for a confirmation code if you are more cautious about your money. With Alexa, millions of products are at your fingertips!

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