Millennium Tower Developers Face Lawsuit From San Francisco

millennium tower

The developers of the Millennium Tower might be facing trial as San Francisco filed a lawsuit.

The developers of the Millennium Tower might be facing trial as the city of San Francisco filed a lawsuit which denounces their failure to disclose information on the tower’s leaning and sinking tendencies.

The Millennium Tower is located in San Francisco’s Financial Tower and was completed and started being used about eight years ago. The luxury building features 419 apartments distributed throughout its 58 stories.

The high rise has been causing debates and is the cause of complaints as, in the eight years since its completion, it has sunk about 16 inches into the ground, 10 inches more than the predicted settling predicted value.

As the building did not sink evenly, the building is now also slightly tilted as it registers a two-inch difference at its base and an estimated lean value of 6 inches at its top.

The problem came to light back in 2010 after the Transbay joint Powers Authority released its new project, the Transbay Transit Center.

The project features an underground buttress and a 60-foot hole that will allow the passing of a train tunnel between the project’s transit site and the Millennium Tower.

As a neighboring construction project’s developers hired a consultant so as to determine how the construction would affect their site and the luxury high-rise, the sinking and tilting issue came to light.

With the Millennium Tower developers blaming the Transbay Transit Center project for the problem, reports went to show that the former were, in fact, aware of the tower’s possible sinking issues.

According to Dennis Herrera, a San Francisco City Attorney, the developers were already aware that the tower was sinking faster than the predicted value.

Following the analysis during the tower’s construction of a geotechnical engineer, the Millennium Tower was predicted to sink six inches as the building settled on its terrain and base, but that it also be continuing to sink throughout its continuous usage.

As the construction was completed back in 2008, the developers decided to go on and sell the apartments without allegedly informing the future homeowners.

One the California’s law bills clearly stated that all developers and owners must correctly inform all potential buyers of the possible defects or issues with the property intended for sale.

If they fail to do so, the responsible parties are liable for prosecution under the claim of withholding precious information.

After the city officials talked with the homeowners, who declared that they were not informed of the potential problem before the sale transaction, and in an effort to solve the problem of the tower’s construction, the city of San Francisco decided to file a lawsuit against Millennium Partners.

The lawsuit, filed on November 3, holds the aforementioned Partners as being responsible for not informing the owners, thus breaking the law by withholding crucial information and holding an unfair advantage against possible competitors.

Whilst the residents of the Millennium Tower are not put at risk by the building’s lean and sinking, the tower is thought to be possible to continue its downwards direction until it sinks by almost 30 inches.

Image Source: Wikimedia