Millennials Are Having Less Sex and Here’s Why

millennials are having less sex because of technology

Millennials are having less sex because they are focused on other issues.

According to the Washington Post, millennials are having less sex than previous generations, their attention being focused on more modern issues.

Millennials are proving that they are indeed a new wave of individuals, the product of the overly-concerned people who created special car seats for children and frowned upon kids walking by themselves.

It seems that three leading causes contributed to the destruction of the sexual appetite of millennials, most of them being an indirect consequence of the technological boom that we experienced in the last few decades.

Online Dating

The viral Washington Post news article is claiming that dating apps such as Tinder are one of the main reasons why millennials are having less sex than their parents.

Online profiles combined with Photoshop skills are creating unrealistic standards for men and women who simply refuse to carry on the date if their virtual love interest ends up having bigger pores than in their profile picture.

Swiping has replaced real social interactions, and even when millennials do meet in person, they tend to keep their eyes glued to their phones, choosing the virtual environment over reality.

Video Games and Careers

According to the cited article, there are two kinds of millennials: those who focus on their careers and those who slack off in front of a console or a PC.

Some male gamers spend more than 30 hours per week playing video games. Others are busy trying to make a name for themselves, working 10 hours per day, focusing on their career more than on their love life.

With jobs and video games on their mind, the members of the current generation are far too busy to get busy.


Porn is ruining the sexual experiences of the current generation. According to Gary Wilson, males who watch a lot of porn get accustomed to certain standards, rewiring their brain to get stimulated in only a handful of circumstances.

Real life is nothing like porn. The characters, the situations, even the deed itself is different. A male that is more accustomed to how things happen in the movies will undoubtedly suffer from erectile dysfunction because he is not used to real skin, and real interactions, so his brain cannot compute and adapt to the interaction.

In conclusion, technology, a dire desire of having a fruitful career, video games, and an oversaturated porn market are the main reasons why millennials are having less sex.

Image source: Flickr