Milestone for Medical Marijuana

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The First of July 2015 represents a milestone for medical marijuana .

The first of July 2015 represents a milestone for medical marijuana in Minnesota and across the States. That date was the day when marijuana became legal in Minnesota. Eligibility was expanded for new age groups, on the same date. After one year, inhabitants of Minnesota have organized an event to share their success story.

Medical cannabis was first proposed for legalization in 2014. The treatment currently has a success rate of over 87%. Starting with August 2016, there is the possibility that intractable pain will be treated with cannabis.

Harlow Hundley is barely four years old. She was diagnosed with a severe form of epilepsy, called the Dravet Syndrome. It causes sufferers to have epileptic seizures all the time. Because Harlow is a resident of Minnesota, she was given a chance at life, through the use of medical marijuana.

The parents celebrated a year with Harlow.Since 2015, they could buy cannabis oil, from a company in Minnesota. Before taking cannabis oil, the girl had to take a cocktail of painkillers, called benzodiazepines, with serious side effects, such as addiction. The drug just made seizures more tolerable, instead of reducing their frequency.

Now, her parents think that she has a chance at a more normal life and will be able to grow up just like other kids. Before 2015, her parents were at the forefront of the medical marijuana battle, with repeated accounts, trying to spread awareness about the legalization of this treatment.

Alec Kelsey, a 20-year-old suffering from severe epilepsy too, had seizures all of his life. His parents were happy because they could talk to their son and felt like they truly connected with him and got to know him. He can now play sports through the Special Olympics.

From August 2016, Minnesota will make it legal for doctors to prescribe medical cannabis for people diagnosed with severe, intractable pain. Other conditions that could benefit from the use of cannabis are ALS, cancer, Crohn’s disease, AIDS/HIV, terminal illnesses, seizures, muscle spasms or Tourette’s.

About half of the US states now have laws which support a legal cannabis industry. In the long run, big businesses might take over the medical marijuana industry, even though right now it is controlled by smaller companies.

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