Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard Makes its Debut in the iOS Ecosystem

word flow_keyboardMicrosoft’s Word Flow keyboard makes its debut in the iOS ecosystem. One of the best features seen Microsoft’s Windows phones is represented by its truly great keyboard. It is far better and simple to use compared to the standard iOS keyboard or many Android similar solutions.

However, the keyboard had to be used on Windows devices to have maximum benefits from it until now. The company is getting ready to make its famous Word Flow feature available for the other ecosystems, beginning with iOS.

Anyone who has moved from a Windows phone to be a part of the Apple’s vast ecosystem AND ITS many iPhone customers generally has a problem with their keyboard. Word Flow on current Windows phones is much improved than a stock keyboard delivered with the new iOS versions, so it seems that Microsoft is ready to fix that issue.

Surely, one apparent query is why Microsoft’s Word is not on the latest Windows 10 desktops. Many people regularly use their Surface Pro devices without the keyboard connected and would like to use this function in some situations.

For Windows mobile phone customers, this may generate some frustrations when the option is taken to other systems. The Word Flow is one of the software resources that made the company unique in comparison to iOS and Android operating systems.

Microsoft did not announce when its proprietary keyboard will be launched to everyone, but considering that they are currently performing tests with various type of people and devices, it will not be a long time until then.

According to some Microsoft Windows experts, Microsoft is searching for a sample of iPhone customers to its Word Flow innovative keyboard. It is not clear the date when the function will be launched openly on iOS.

The software producer is already starting to test the keyboard more generally, so it may likely come in the next months. The Windows edition of Microsoft’s proprietary Word Flow contains various useful options, such as autocorrect, gestures, recommendations and the capability to swipe characters to insert different terms.

Together with Cortana, the Word Flow represents one of its unique elements in the Windows cellular OS. This move could disappoint Microsoft customers to see their application creator once again sending original and handy functions over to the competing ecosystems.

It should not shock many of them, though, since the company has announced that it is concentrating on encounters across several systems. This strategy will be more advantageous for the business rather than maintaining options such as Word Flow or Cortana closed to its problematic cellular applications.

Image source: Windowscentral