Microsoft Released Workforce Managing App StaffHub

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Microsoft released StaffHub, a workforce app even for workers away from the desk

Microsoft released a new work-related app on Thursday. StaffHub is a modern app that successfully manages the working hours and environment. It is available both for phones and computers and it can be downloaded for free by Office 365 subscribers.

StaffHub is part of the Office 365 cluster, together with many other corporate apps. It provides integration for Microsoft’s Office Suite, Skype for Business, Yammer, or the OneDrive cloud storage. Microsoft occupies a leader position when it comes to business-oriented software and they are planning to maintain it by releasing this new app made for those workers who do not spend the whole day in front of a computer.

Managers can now organize or check on teams via the app or the StaffHub website. However, they need to have signed up beforehand on one of Office 365’s Enterprise plans. Apart from scheduling and managing teams, they can also share messages and files.

StaffHub helps the workers by recording their working hours even when they are not at the office. If something comes up, they can always get in touch with their boss by using the app. Also, the schedule of the entire team is made public on StaffHub, for a better coordination. Workers can now manage their tasks between them and see who is available.

A complex system of messaging is also part of the app. First of all, there is the group chat option that allows team members to manage their tasks. The option of private message is also available, so, if any difficulty occurs, those involved can discuss the problem without disturbing the other part of the team. Also, file sharing is available among the chats, therefore any document of importance reaches the workers instantly.

The app functions with support from Kronos, a management service based on the cloud. However, this system is only available to a fixed numbers of mutual subscribers.

The app is free and it will be available for both iOS and Android users, and also for PC users. In order to use the app, managers need to enroll to an Office 365 Enterprise plan, and workers need an Office 365 account. A few plans are already available for StaffHub for only $4.00 per month. The app comes in several language apart from English, such as French, Spanish, German, Russian, or Chinese.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons