Microsoft DevOps Coming with New Features for App Developers

microsoft devopsTrying to make its Microsoft DevOps platform easier for all users, the software producer will present its newly relabeled Visual Studio Services, previously called only Visual Studio in the app developing community. Included in this rebranded and modified offering are functions such like the recent Team Foundation plug-in or previews of additions for code searching, program control and release control. A new personalized build system and dashboards showing team development are parts of the program as well.

Meanwhile, an improved extension of the HockeyApp program enables designers to increase their current DevOps work for their mobile applications, according to Microsoft’s specialists. The company is introducing the Team Foundation Upgrade 1 at the end of this month, presenting a number of additional functions. These include dashboards that offer information about a group’s improvement on work, rules, assessments and developments along with other control options met for the same project.

A special note for businesses is that the software producer is launching a new and open-source try out edition of its Visible Studio program for code, a top app development manager that operates on different platforms and offers various tweaks depending on each one of these. Along with the beta version, arrive new extension models and a collection of plug-ins that add specs, styles and language assistance.

Visual Studio has been downloaded for more than one million times for review, the company said, and it available for GitHub too. The 2015 Upgrade 1 is planned for launch on November 30, with a series of new options, but in the meantime, another online software is making the first appearance these days. Visual Studio’s Marketplace provides a main place for program designers to find, obtain and set up additions for other programs from the same company, without having to further wait for these updates.

The HockeyApp add-on is available too, besides Microsoft’s recent could registrations, another service being launched this month, with costs based on monthly and yearly basis. Finally, among the features from Connect, the organization is presenting the Dev Essentials options, which functions as a website to help designers look for all tools that they need at a certain time.

It has tons of freebies for app designers, but they are difficult to discover and there has not been a central place for all of them until now. This will improve a lot the collective effort of the app developing community to enhance all options present in the Windows ecosystem and the user experience encountered on one of the biggest platforms in the online world.

Image source: Itnewsinfo