Microsoft Brings an Alarm Clock App to Increase Productivity

mimicker alarm microsoftMicrosoft brings an alarm clock app to increase productivity. The software creator has included another program to its list of applications for Android operating systems: an alarm clock software known as Mimicker Alarm.

The new Android application is not your usual clock alarm since it is developed to display Windows machine-learning capabilities. Instead of just waking its customers, it makes them to first play various games to turn off the alarm.

For example, it could ask them to repeat tongue twisters, identify an element with a specific color and take selfies with happy faces. People have to imitate the activity given in under 30 seconds, otherwise the alarm begins ringing again.

Until now, Microsoft has over 40 applications in Google’s Play Store, indicating that the company is undoubtedly adding many features to Google’s famous mobile OS.

Actually, last month the organization created Microsoft Apps, a platform that houses its proprietary Android applications within the Play Store. Maybe the software maker understands that is hard to look for its applications through thousands of applications displayed in the Google Play Store.

Thanks to Microsoft Apps, finding the precise applications is now a lot simpler and quicker. To guide users to the best Windows software in the vast Android OS, here are some applications which have been welcomed by customers.

MS Office Mobile

Thanks to this application, now it is easier to get access to, read and modify all Word, PowerPoint and Excel files records from any device and location. The app offers support for animated designs, maps, forms or SmartArt Graphics, making all documents to look professional on a smart phone. Furthermore, all Office programs have been enhanced to fit within the smaller display of a mobile gadget.


Probably the most known communication application, Skype allows customers to make voice calls or write messages concept to people in any place in the planet, requiring only a connection to the Internet.

Arrow Launcher

That Microsoft application is a basic launcher for all Android devices. In simple words, it helps people to improve their entire Android experience on mobile devices. With this program, clients can just launch or quickly return to their beloved applications, latest images, computer file downloading and many more features that are useful.

It will help customers to locate and contact any person they like to chat with and it has also incorporated pointers, so people will remember important activities in their life.

Lock Screen

Ideal for active people, this app helps protect the device from being utilized by others, using a code or pattern touch. Owners can even see important notices and launch their regular applications.

Image source: Thurrott