Microsoft Asks If You Want To Sell Your Digital Games


Microsoft Asks If You Want To Sell Your Digital Games

Perhaps Microsoft is acknowledging the fact that digital games have become a staple for the gaming world. Now, the company is asking if gamers are ready to sell back, just like they do with physical copies. Of course, there is a drawback in the sum, but perhaps it’s better than nothing.

A Reddit pole has Xbox One gamers answering a very important question: “Are you willing to sell back your old games for 10% the worth?”.

The habit has been well known for a long time where physical copies are concerned. In fact, gamers can get a pretty decent deal for a disc in good conditions, even up to $20, so it’s not a bad trade. It’s usually an option when the player has finished with the game, get bored of it, or, in a lot of scenarios, was not satisfied with its performances. In today’s day and age where marketing can fool us all, it’s likely possible. Most of us would be looking at Ubisoft with that.

The battle between digital and physical copies of games started a few years back, and the numbers have shifted. Up to 40% of gamers acquired digital copies at the day of launch. It’s an incredible achievement considering the method only became popular a couple of years ago. Client apps, such as Steam, brought it better to the public’s attention. Now, it’s a viable option for non-collectors.

Digital copies have numerous advantages. The games will never break, they cannot be lost, and, very importantly, they don’t take any shelf space. Not to mention the fact that gamers don’t actually have to go to the retail store and stand in line to make their purchase. A few easy clicks, a couple of bucks off their credit card and it’s done. It’s certainly the most convenient option.

However, the problem was that digital games cannot be returned. Once it’s purchased, it’s yours forever, whether you liked it or not. Numerous players have requested the ability to sell back their digital games, or perhaps sell them to someone else at the same price. Now, Xbox is responding. Sort of.

The Reddit poll inquires console gamers if they would want the option of selling back their digital copies for 10% of what they bought. Meaning that if they paid $60 for a game, they will be able to sell it for $6. It’s not by far much and below what one can get by returning a physical copy, but it’s something.

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