Possible Meteor Lights Up Michigan’s Sky

Meteor falling from the sky

On January 16, right after 8 PM, residents of Michigan started to panic after seeing a light in the sky that resembled a lightning. It was also accompanied by a very loud noise, hence why people thought they witnessed a thunder and a lightning. Now, the National Weather Service in Detroit has officially announced that the cause of people’s panic wasn’t the element of a storm but most likely, a falling meteor. Residents began calling in to report this unusual happening saying that it looked like a lightning but felt completely different. Some claimed that their pets started acting weird and became scared.

According to the National Weather Service in Detroit, they are going to keep analyzing and monitoring the feeds from certain astronomical agencies to offer people a clear answer. They are also seeking official confirmation regarding this unusual event. People who witnessed it posted videos and photos on their social media platforms to show their friends what happened. Some are taken outside their houses, others from cars.

A bizarre light in the sky

A reported from WWMT-TV also witnessed the happening and managed to snap a picture of it from the car.

It’s interesting that the Ingham County Emergency Management Update sent an alert text message to the residents. In it, they were informing people about a possible fireball meteor which numerous witnesses have noticed in the sky during that night. Some of the people even reported an explosion, probably because of the sound it made. Fortunately, reports are saying that nothing landed on the ground and nobody was in danger. Most likely, that huge sound was the noise the meteor made when it broke apart. This is why nobody should panic and should stop calling 911.

According to experts, this was a bolide meteor, similar to the one that people saw falling over Russia back in 2013 and which they thought was an alien spacecraft.

Image source: pixabay