Metanautix Statistics Is the Latest Tool in Microsoft’s Analytics Arsenal

metanautix statistics microsoftMetanautix Statistics is the latest tool in Microsoft’s Analytics arsenal. The software producer has bought a firm that has designed a feature called Quest, which allows SQL searches against all types of information, no matter where these pieces of data are found.

This is one of the many start-up organizations established by specialists who formerly worked in the big companies. Google has attempted to develop a similar option known as Dremel, for exploring different categories of information across different places using SQL functions.

That options was designed for inner use at the search engine, but Metanautix considered all the businesses without Google’s huge resources and the manner in which they could execute such queries. Consequently, its experts created Quest, whose tag line incorporates the manner in which it all software-defined information should be managed.

Instead of collecting data from numerous resources across the business, private and public cloud services and everywhere else and placing it into an individual database so it can be managed as an entire block, Quest allows people to analyzed all those details where they exist.

However, they are treated as a separate information set and that makes the whole procedure a lot easier and more nimble. In utilizing the regular query terminology of SQL, the feature is available to a large number of business customers.

Firms continue to produce tremendous amounts of data and want to be a lot more data based in their activities and functions, said Microsoft’s officials in a short article. But many have problems to bring in one place their various resources and data tools, and only evaluate and utilize a small portion of all their available data.

Metanautix’ technological innovation smashes these limitations to plug the supply chain, regardless of the category, size and location of a company’s resources. The company had formerly gathered venture financing from various organizations willing to invest in its bold idea and this acquisition offers Microsoft full possession of the smaller firm.

The organization has current relationships with other important players in the tech industry, Shutterfly being among its clients. The online photography organization applies the startup’s technological innovation for advertising strategies and statistics to discover the best ways to attract and keep potential clients.

Image source: Technologynewsextra