Medical Marijuana May Become Legal

"Medical Marijuana May Become Legal"

On the 10th of May 2016, a long-awaited vote will determine the faith of a controversial drug.

Medical marijuana may become legal sooner than we thought. On the 10th of May 2016, a long-awaited vote will determine the faith of a controversial drug. The Ohio House is now faced with the difficult task of having to choose if the answer will be positive or negative. And we all know that no matter the decision, the vote will cause further controversies.

On the 5th of May, the Ohio House has been sent a bill. This bill would make smoking and burning of marijuana illegal but permits its utilization in other ways. Most importantly, medical marijuana would only be available to patients who were recommended this type of treatment by a doctor. It can be used in plant material, tincture, medicinal patches and can even come in edible form. It could also be available for vaporization, inhaling marijuana with the help of devices similar to electronic cigarettes.

This will not mean that patients can freely grow the plant in their homes or have too much freedom. If they are to acquire it, they must go to licensed dispensaries. Patients who will not afford to buy the needed medical marijuana will be helped.

The bill classifies medical marijuana as a Schedule II controlled substance, meaning that the drug has medical value. Today, marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance, assumed to have no benefit on patients.

Kirk Schuring, the Select Committee on Medical Marijuana’s Chairman, is a supporter of the bill. Schuring is convinced of the benefits of medical marijuana. He guarantees that as the measure progresses, it will be done in the correct manner, and will be safe and effective for Ohio inhabitants. Medical marijuana has many supporters that claim that there is scientific evidence proving its effectiveness.

But even if the proposal is immediately passed, it will take more than 18 months until it is fully operational. If approved, Ohio will be next on the list of the already 25 other states that formulated marijuana laws in their books. It is known that some patients from Ohio state are currently getting their medical marijuana in other states.

Now that medical marijuana may become legal in yet another state, it might be an important breakthrough for medicine as well. Studies on the medicinal properties of marijuana are constantly being published, yet skeptics question the results. Maybe this will be another step in helping us understand how this controversial drug is useful to the sufferings.



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