Medical Marijuana Available In Florida

medical marijuana

It took two years for medical marijuana to be available in Florida. The first cannabis dispensary is to open next week.

It took two years for medical marijuana to be available in Florida. The first cannabis dispensary is to open next week. The Department of Health from Florida gave Trulieve, a grower from North Florida, permission to open the dispensary in Tallahassee and deliver cannabis across the state.

Trulieve, opening on Thursday,will sell these drugs for the first time. They will be sold under a 2014 law meant for patients with cancer and seizures access to medical marijuana, low in THC, the infamous chemical that leads to the euphoric high.

Five more nurseries are extracting oil and growing cannabis. They could soon join Truelove in legally selling cannabis.

For some, it is a relief. Noah, 3 year-old kids, suffers from severe seizures caused by epilepsy. His mother spends all day caring for him. She has to make sure he takes his six medications on a daily basis.

Noah still has the seizures. He can barely smile anymore. She hopes that with the help of medical cannabis he will be able to function for a day, and not choke or have seizures. Even if it won’t work, it’s still worth a try- Donna Perez, mother of Noah believes.

Many parents and children have been waiting for legal changes to take place, as the state regulations delayed the release of the drug.

Others have tried to get it illicitly, says Moriah Barnhart of Tampa. She is the founder of the CannaMoms organization.

It’s hard to spend all day long making sure your children are kept alive, and at the same time keep an eye out for the cops.

Barnhart’s daughter, Dahlia, has aggressive brain cancer. She was diagnosed three years ago. She has been using marijuana oil ever since 2013. Her mother says it had a hugely beneficial effect, in reducing the pain and giving her an appetite.

The opening of the first state dispensary symbolizes a victory, for Barnhart and others like her. Those who wish to access this drug program legally, have to be seen by a doctor who went through a medical cannabis course. Only then the can place the order for medical cannabis.

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