McDonald’s Promises to Bring Back the Szechuan Sauce Once Again

McDonald's McNuggets meal next to a laptop

McDonald’s promises fans the Szechuan sauce will be back for a second time

After the intense Szechuan sauce debate, McDonald’s decided not to disappoint the Rick and Morty fans. Therefore, although the sauce was supposed to come in limited supplies, the fast food chain promised it will be back, refusing to let down so many dedicated customers.

Fans fought for the special Szechuan sauce

The April 1st episode of Rick and Morty led to a national craze over the classic 1998 McDonald’s sauce, Szechuan. In the episode, Rick claimed his only motivation which drove him through life was to find “that McNugget sauce”, namely Szechuan sauce.

Of course, this left all fans curious, and desperate to try the well-known sauce. However, there was a small problem. The sauce is no longer available at McDonald’s but, seeing the huge interests Rick and Morty fans showed in it, the fast food chain decided to revive the sauce and make them a big surprise.

Problems didn’t stop here, as McDonald’s brought back what it called an extra-limited supply of Szechuan sauce, which was available only on Saturday, October 7th. The supply was extra-limited indeed, since thousands of fans spent hours waiting to taste it, but didn’t manage to do it, as the restaurants quickly ran out of it.

McDonald’s promised the valuable sauce would be back again

After facing the rage of the disappointed fans, McDonald’s wanted to make up for it. Therefore, it promised the Szechuan sauce will return again and, this time, it won’t be so hard to get your hands on it. This winter, the fast food chain will offer new supplies of the long-desired sauce, but it will no longer be so exclusive.

Everyone who desires to see what was the meaning of Rick Sanchez’s life will only have to go the next McDonald’s nearby, and ask for the precious sauce. The treat will be available for a longer period of time, and should be found in most restaurants, not only in a few selected ones.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons